BD Manager

Number of recruits:1 Educational requirements: Recruitment time:2023-01-28

Job description

1. Be familiar with the domestic and foreign market of pharmaceutical industry and develop new market and channel for the company;
2. Responsible for market research, analysis and evaluation, and provide basis for company decision;
3. Co-work with superior to formulate the company’s market development direction and market strategy;
4. Materialize the company's market promotion plan and implement it base on the company's market development direction and strategy;
5. Develop pote

Application conditions

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in pharmacy/ chemistry/ marketing/ international trade, etc. With 5+ years’ experience in pharmacy or other related industry;
2. Fluent in English, goods skills in writing;
3. Excellent ability in presentation and market promotion, and familiar with basic business contract terms;
4. Best in MS-Office;
5. Good team work spirit, strong judgment, planning and execution ability, excellent interpersonal and communication skills, as well as high working enthu

Please send your resume to the

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