Formulation Project Manager

Number of recruits:1 Educational requirements: Recruitment time:2023-01-28

Job description

1. Independently carried out formulation research, including formulation design, process research, stability study, process amplification and technology transfer, etc.;
2. Responsible for recording and sorting the technical and original data of the project to ensure the authenticity and traceability of the experimental data;
3. Responsible for writing the information of the prescription and process in the drug submission, and assist in registration and submission;
4. Responsible for searching the Chinese and English literature, following up the latest research progress in the domestic and overseas, and conducting research;
5. Responsible for the use and maintenance of relevant test instruments.

Application conditions

1. Master degree or above in pharmaceutical formulation or pharmacy, chemical engineering, polymer materials, etc.;
2. Familiar with the properties and preparation process of solid oral formulations, and know how to use equipment (analytical skills are preferred);
3. Familiar with China's drug development policies and regulations and relevant technical requirements; understand GMP related regulations; have experience in ANDA development and familiar with ICH regulations is preferred;
4. Proficient in reading English professional literature and writing project plans and experimental reports;
5. Strong learning, working, anti-pressure ability and cooperative spirit; be able to communicate well with colleagues;
6. Welcome overseas returnees and foreign talents (foreign nationals are not required to speak Chinese).

Please send your resume to the

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