Registeration Specialist

Number of recruits:1 Educational requirements: Recruitment time:2019-04-11

Job description

1. The translation of technical documents;(English to Chinese; Chinese to English)
2. Collect information on the website of FDA or other drug administration agencies.
3. Familiar with the regulations and procedures of new drug declaration and the collating and writing of declared data. Be able to put forward and correct the existing problems in time, and ensure the information is comprehensive, complete, true and reliable.
4. Reply defect letter;
5. Participate in official audit and cust

Application conditions

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in pharmacy/ biology/ chemistry; English level 6;
2. Have more than 2 years experiences in drug registration and laboratory research;
3. Be able to consult professional literature;
4. Good at listening, speaking, reading and writing in English;
5. Best in MS-Office and other office software.

Please send your resume to the

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