Formulation R&D Assistant

Number of recruits: 1 Educational requirements: Recruitment time:2023-01-28

Job description

1. Assist r&d personnel to complete the work.
2. Write the experiment record according to the standard.
3. Good command of laboratory equipment and daily maintenance.
4. Solve the basic problems that encountered in the experiment, and put forward reasonable suggestions.
5. Complete simple literature review and map analysis.
6. Other tasks assigned by the leader.

Application conditions

1. College degree or above, major in pharmaceutical engineering/ pharmacy or related chemistry profession. 
2. Have good responsibility and team work spirit, can stand the hard work, be honest and trustworthy.
3. Have strong ability to analyze and solve problems.
4. Have more than one year working experience in related industries, and also welcome fresh graduates with higher comprehensive quality.

Please send your resume to the

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