Formulation Project Manager

Number of recruits:1 Educational requirements: Recruitment time:2023-01-28

Job description

1. Responsible for the r&d of preparations;
2. Independently complete the r&d of pharmaceutical preparations, including the development and optimization of formulation and technology, the transfer and amplification of product technology and the research of product stability, etc.

Application conditions

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in pharmaceutical preparation/ pharmacy/ chemical engineering/ polymer material, etc;
2. Have experience in the r&d of oral solid preparation project (good for analysis);
3. Familiar with the r&d and the declaration process of China and American ANDA project; 
4. Familiar with the regulations of CFDA and FDA, and can independently write Chinese and English reports;
5. Fluent in English, English level 6 or above.

Please send your resume to the

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