Organic Synthesis Assistant

Number of recruits:2 Educational requirements: Recruitment time:2023-01-28

Job description

1. Independently carry out the test and pilot test of drug and intermediate, and analyze the reaction result.
2. Write the experiment record according to the standard;
3. Good command of laboratory equipment and daily maintenance;
4. Solve the basic problems that encountered in the experiment, and put forward reasonable suggestions;
5. Complete simple literature review and map analysis;
6. Other tasks assigned by the leader.

Application conditions

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in pharmacy/ pharmaceutical engineering and related chemistry professions;
2. Good at communication, willing to learn, and interest in organic synthesis;
3. Have good responsibility and teamwork spirit;
4. Have certain ability of professional English and understand the operation of computer;
5. Have experience in the pharmaceutical or synthetic laboratory, have experience in pharmaceutical production is preferred;
6. Graduates with higher comprehensiv

Please send your resume to the

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